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I have created a space you can come to fellowship and discuss all the topic we long to discuss with a biblical perspective in a loving and open environment. All are welcome! There are no stupid questions here and we are not afraid of unpopular topics! Just be kind and considerate to one another while in discussions! Enjoy!

Praying Together

Friends & Suggested Links

This is where I share the sources or links to credible Christian sites of Youtube, Podcasts, Friends and businesses. 

For the best quality you have ever had you must try give The Tiny House Farm a try.  By far the best quality I have ever had in teas and spices. They offer a larger variety of goods:  wedding confetti and dried flowers, seasonal herbs and teas and botanicals as well as handmade artisan soaps, select rustic and farmhouse decor, supplies, wildcrafted finds, and vintage treasures.

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